I saw a need in our industry to fill the void of real connection and passion through service. Every time I received an ad or listened to a marketing guru about "getting clients" it just felt all wrong. These people weren't about service they were about money. Money is so powerful and so important. It is an absolute necessity for a thriving business and a beautiful life, but if it is the driving force and takes the place of service, it automatically removes the value it provides. The more we reach for money and chase it, the less abundance we feel and the more scarcity we experience. I know this may be hard to believe, but "Money is easy". Yes, I said it, and it really is. It's just a system you can learn like anything else. The real gift is in your ability to make an impact and transform your client. That's what you got into this business for in the first place, remember? Money is the byproduct of amazing service, not the other way around. I'm going to teach you all "the things". The niche, offers, funnels, copywriting, selling, advertising, etc. - but that's not the magic. The magic is how you approach all of them. That's what I believe makes Energetic Alignment Academy stand out in a crowded market place. Genuine service that is energetically aligned with your purpose.

When you're creating "all the things" from that place of high vibration, everything seems to just fall into place!

The Only Secret Is You


Period. End of story


All the tools and strategies you've learned to date are not a waste of money or time. These will all benefit you greatly in your business building journey. Yet, unless you are authentically and energetically aligned with your business, you'll continually be trying to swim upstream. 

You truly have everything you could possibly need to create a life of financial freedom & fulfillment.

So, why are you stuck?


Your blocks, your scarcity, your fear, your doubt and negative conditioning have you out of alignment with who you are, what you want, and who you want to serve.

We can help you attract your ideal clients, get fully booked, and be in love with your business. 

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Gabriel Omat

Gabriel is a professionally certified Life and Business Coach, who knows from personal experience what it's like to try and build an online coaching practice from the ground up. She's passionate about helping other coaches and leaders build wildly successful businesses using a two-pronged approach: A smart business strategy combined with energetic alignment.

Get Signed Up For The Next Free 'FROM CORPORATE TO ENTREPRENEUR' Workshop

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