People Buy When They Feel Understood, Not When They Understand You!

Mar 30, 2023

Trust me, people don't care about you or what you do.  They care about themselves and what they need.

Yes, that's a harsh statement but it's the truth, and it will change your whole view on marketing.  

Once they get to know you, of course, they will want to know more about you. They may even become your biggest fans. 

Until that happens, stop trying to explain what you do or convince others they need to work with you. 

Here are just a few keys to help your marketing explode.

1. Speak to them in their language. Drop the self-development, healing, and coach speak. They don't get it and it's not serving you. 

2. Solve a problem that they are suffering from. The bigger the problem the more you can charge and the faster you will get clients.  If there is zero pain, there is zero motivation. 

3. Articulate that problem to them better than they can explain it themselves. They will automatically believe you are the solution. 

Go easy on yourself.  It takes time to learn these concepts and implement them.  Just becoming aware of it will start to shift the way you show up and how you talk to your people. 


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